Wednesday, March 10, 2010

:: cLeaNLinesS fOr prAyeR::

In Islam, cleanliness is considered a part of one's iman or faith.

The heart must be clean of evil thoughts and the body must be clean of impurities.

Muslims are required to be clean to perfom the prayer.

Ablution refers to cleaning oneself to be in state of purity for prayer (Wudu).

Perfoming Wudu correctly is important for one's prayer to be accepted by The Almighty.

Bathing or ghusl is required before wudu if there was ejaculation of sperm, sexual act and death (other than martyr).

Other acts that require ghusl include menstrual discharge, wiladah (after the delivery of baby), and nifas (blood from the womb after the birth of a child).

The requirements of ghusl are the intention to perfom ot for Allah and ensuring that water touches every part of the body.

Things that stand in the way of water touching the parts of the body such as cream and nail polish must be removed.

take from: Muslim Welfare Organization Of Malaysia

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